What We Give

Hosting, Technology Resources, Website & App Development Education

Student EntrepreneurOne 4 One Hosting
You purchase hosting for a website, we give hosting to a school or student for free, that’s One 4 One!  Gifting Website and Cloud Server Hosting to schools that lack adequate funding for technology, helps students start businesses, raise awareness about causes important to them, learn how to code or create a blog and nurture a passion. Purchase a Hosting Plan Now




Technology ResourcesStudent Computer Lab
Our goal is to help students all around the world, from every background, get access to technology.  We believe technology can help open doors for students and give them opportunities they might not usually have access to.  Besides providing super fast hosting to our clients and students, we donate computer systems and servers for student labs and computer science education.





App Dev for StudentsWebsite & Application Development Education
We provide access to online coding courseware and knowledgebases as well as missions to provide face-to-face education.  We also provide free technical support to students.

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