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Advanced 4
Guide to some of the more advanced features on your account.
Billing 5
Common issues regarding billing and account setup.
Cloud 9 Client Portal 8
The Cloud 9 Portal is where you should go to access support, check on the status of your support tickets, review Invoices or pretty much anything else you need to do.
Databases 9
Most applications require a database to function.
DNS 17
Documentation on how to use and upgrade DNSl.
Drive2Go / Cloud Files 1
Drive2Go cloud file sharing service.
Email (Web Hosting) 29
Everything you need to know about using your email.
Fantastico 46
Commonly asked questions and their answers.
Files 4
Managing the files on your hosting account.
FTP 27
Information on using the File Transfer Protocol
Hosted Application 20
FAQs regarding Desktop2Go - hosted Application Service
Installation Guides 2
Guides on installing common software.
Logs 1
Information on how to access and interpret your logs.
Preferences 4
Make your hosting account your own with these tips.
Security 4
Tips & tricks for keeping your website safe and secure.
A good SEO website will receive more traffic.
Transfers 3
Information on transferring your account to us.
Troubleshooting 10
Common troubleshooting steps

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Login to cPanel. Locate and click on the "phpMyAdmin" icon under the "Databases" category....
What tools are available to optimize my website?
There are many free tools available to help you optimize your website: Pear Analytics...
Updating DNS at NameBargain.com
Updating DNS series 6. Updating DNS at NameBargain.com This demo assumes you have a domain...
How do I change display settings in Citrix Receiver?
Right-click Citrix Receiver for Windows from the notification area. Select Advanced...