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Complete FTP series

3. Managing files in FileZilla

This tutorial assumes you already have FileZilla running on your computer and are connected to a remote server.

Now let's learn how to manage files and folders in FileZilla.

1) Right click anywhere here in the remote server window.

2) Click create directory.

3) Click ok.

4) Now let's rename the folder. Right click on it.

5) Click rename.

6) Let's learn how to delete. Right click on the folder name.

7) Click delete.

The directory was successfully deleted! Let's learn how to change file permissions.

8) Right click on a file name.

9) Click file permissions.

10) Select the proper permissions and click ok.

That's it! Permissions for the file have been successfully changed.

This is the end of the tutorial. You should now know how to manage your files and folders in FileZilla, including creating new folders, renaming them, deleting them and changing file permissions.

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