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Billing 4
Common issues regarding billing and account setup.
Cloud 9 Client Portal 7
The Cloud 9 Portal is where you should go to access support, check on the status of your support tickets, review Invoices or pretty much anything else you need to do.
Commonly asked questions and their answers.
Hosted Application 19
FAQs regarding Desktop2Go - hosted Application Service


How do I change display settings in Citrix Receiver?
Right-click Citrix Receiver for Windows from the notification area. Select Advanced...
How do I update my billing information?
Login to the client area. Locate the link labeled "Update". Under the "My Details" tab,...
How to terminate a citrix receiver session
1. Click on the up arrow in the taskbar. It's located near the bottom right-hand corner of the...
Black Screen Is Displayed While Launching A Published Applications
Solution Citrix and Microsoft have worked together to deliver code fixes for both Windows...
Why has my account been suspended?
If you are recieving an "Account Suspended" page when trying to access your site, it could be...