6 Myths About QuickBooks Hosting

6 Myths About QuickBooks Hosting

QuickBooks is the most reliable and trusted accounting software throughout the world. With over 11 million users, this accounting software is used by a lot of businesses. QuickBooks hosting is something that gives a significant boost to the overall functions of your accounting software. It improves the performance of brands through better collaboration among the team, time-saving, cost-cutting, and other bundles of benefits. It also boosts the accessibility and security of QuickBooks software.

A wide array of features and easy-to-use accounting tools of QuickBooks make it a unique accounting software. When in the cloud, QuickBooks offers a lot of opportunities to different businesses to use this advanced software and benefit from its incredible characteristics. But, there are still several myths that revolve around QuickBooks (QB) Hosting.

In this post, we have listed a few common myths about QuickBooks hosting that need a reality check.

Myth 1: QB Hosting is an Expensive Deal

This is one of the most common misconceptions among a lot of people. They believe that hosting software on the cloud is an expensive deal and is the right choice for big brands only. But this is not true at all. Cloud hosting is the most cost-effective way of running a business, and if we talk about web hosting software like QuickBooks, then it acts as an economic tool.

When you opt for QB hosting, you’re liable to pay a nominal monthly fee depending on your plan. Also, the hosting plan you pick can be upgraded or degraded, whenever you want.

Myth 2: QB Hosting is Less Secured

One another myth that keeps the organizations away from availing the excellent benefits of web hosting is that it is less secured. Businesses make lots of effort to keep their data protected, but considering QB hosting to be less secured (as it is cloud-based) can become a barrier in their growth. With the evolving technology in the industry, QB hosting is considered as a safe channel. That means you no longer require to worry about your confidential business data.

Myth 3: QB Hosting Needs Prior Technical Skills

This is another utterly false assumption. QB is the most feasible or practical accounting software available on the market. It means that you do not require to have any technical knowledge to operate cloud-based data through web hosting. Therefore, you are free to invest in QB hosting – no need to pay attention to having prior technical expertise.

Myth 4: QB Hosting Can’t Be Customized

There are many people out there who think that once they start using cloud hosting, they will not be able to customize it as per their needs. But in reality, the flexibility of web hosting is one of its USPs (Unique Selling Points). One primary reason why people can measure the computer resources on the cloud as per their requirements is due to its elasticity.

Cloud-hosted QB is entirely customizable as it is designed by keeping the users’ needs in mind. You can also quickly add-on QB apps to further boost the power and functions of QB.

Myth 5: QB Hosting Can be Troublesome

Some users think that QB cloud hosting can create some troubles in business tasks, but it’s a presumption. One significant benefit of choosing QB cloud hosting is that you get a devoted team of technical people to help you in dealing with all your issues. If you encounter any problems or glitches while working, you may contact the professional team to get your issues resolved.

Myth 6: There’s Only One Cloud

Last but not least, there’s only one cloud is another dominating myth among users, but it’s absolutely false. People believe that the public cloud is the only cloud, but the reality is that – there are other clouds as well, such as private and hybrid. You can use any of these clouds as per your business needs, or you can also mix them for advanced benefits.


If you want to make the financial management of your business a fruitful part, then you must debunk all the myths mentioned above. QuickBooks hosting comes with plenty of business benefits, including data backup and freedom of access.

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