On-Premises Vs. Sage Cloud Hosting

On-Premises Vs. Sage Cloud Hosting

Having a dedicated system for your finances can help you make informed decisions related to your brand. Whether you’re an accountant, bookkeeper, or a small-medium enterprise owner, you need to have a reliable solution that can assist you in managing your accounting responsibilities.

For instance, you cannot make decisions regarding your business inventory, expenses, and sales if you don’t know what their profitability ratios specify. In such cases, having an accounting software is a must. Not only does it help you in understanding your financial position better, but it also assists you with your everyday accounting processes.

When it comes to managing business-related finances, you have two options to pick from – On-Premises and Sage Cloud Hosting. Now, the question is – which one should you implement?

In this post, we are going to talk about some of the differences you need to know when evaluating these two accounting software solutions. Let’s take a quick look and determine which one you should go with.


Difference Between On-Premises and Sage Cloud Hosting


On-Premises Software

As the name suggests, this software is installed and operated on computers on the premises rather than remote facilities. For instance, you buy or download software and install it on your system. It is usually priced under a one-time perpetual license fee, depending on the size of the company.

In this situation, the owner is responsible for all software licenses, server maintenance, integrations, hardware upgrades, and backups. Also, if you choose to host on-prem, you need to have dedicated IT staff on the floor to ensure everything stays up and is running wisely.


Sage-Cloud Hosting Solution

It is an easy-to-use hosted server for SMEs or accountants who want a secure tool to optimize their accounting responsibilities. With Sage-Cloud hosting, you can have access to your business files from anywhere anytime. Also, Sage-cloud software is priced under a monthly or annual subscription along with additional recurring charges for training, updates, and support.

In this case, the hosting service provider is liable for all hardware expenses, firewall, and server maintenance. Also, the third-party cloud hosting provider offers customer support in addition to other perks, which vary from one plan to the other.


Major Differences Between On-Premises and Sage Cloud Hosting


Without any doubt, the primary difference between these two accounting software solutions is that – one is “on premise,” and the other is “off-premise cloud.” However, there are some other significant factors, which are as follows:



When you select the on-premises solution, you’re responsible for the expenses linked to your server hardware, software, memory, maintenance, and updates. Whereas in the Sage cloud, you pay a monthly or annual fee to your Sage hosting provider only for the resources you’re using. You don’t have to worry about other additional expenditures like server maintenance, upgrades, support, and so on



On-prem hosting means you and your employees can use the data, servers, and desktops only when in the office. On the other hand, a cloud solution is always accessible. It allows you to access the data remotely at any time, which is an excellent convenience for owners and employees. Also, multiple users can access the same file from different locations and work on them concurrently.



As mentioned above, accountants and brands that host on-prem are liable for the maintenance of the server and operating system. These added responsibilities make it a time-consuming and expensive solution for business owners as well as employees. In contrast, when you use Sage cloud hosting service, your provider is there to handle all associated expenses along with server updates and maintenance.



Undoubtedly, security is one of the biggest concerns of businesses. This is the reason most of the business owners prefer to choose on-premises software over cloud solution. However, with the advancement in technology, security in the cloud should not be a concern. This is because most of the cloud providers today are using security tools such as firewalls to protect your confidential data. Remember, different third-party providers offer varying levels and forms of security. That means you need to select your cloud provider wisely.


The above comparison depicts it clearly that Sage cloud hosting is a better solution over on-premises hosting. It is more accessible, time-saving, cost-efficient, and is always improving with evolving technology. At the end of the day, your decision entirely relies on the unique needs of your business and position.

If you want hassle-free maintenance and updates on your hosting server, you can consider choosing Sage Cloud Hosting. Moreover, it also allows you to invest your time, resources, and money into fulfilling other basic strategies of your business.

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