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Cloud Computing – the Fundamentals
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As compelling as the case for the cloud may be, many experts contend that there is no need for an organization to rush into it. Just as aCloud Computing Hostingny other business decision that is carefully considered, moving to the cloud is a prospect that must be examined from all angles before the choice is made. Most decision makers that look at the cloud as an option for the organization are only seeing three things:

Cost – The opportunity to reduce both capital and operating expenses for the organization, because the cloud allows them to pay as they go and only use what they need.

Time – The chance to reduce the workload of the existing IT staff, so that the IT staff can place more focus on delivering value to the organization, as opposed to constantly managing its hardware and software.

Scaling – The ability to scale computing services for the organization up or down as needed, which is another type of cost-conscious measure.
These are all great reasons for any organization to make the transition to the cloud. But there are other fundamental building blocks of cloud computing that every decision maker needs to know. Some of them are technology components, while others are the people that make the cloud work.