Why Host Your Apps in the Cloud?

Why Host Your Apps in the Cloud?

In this digital age, hosting apps in the cloud is quickly becoming a standard among different enterprises across the globe. Cloud hosting has made things simple and easy for businesses to a great extent. It enables you to access all your systems and applications through the cloud. Rather than using a single on-site server, cloud hosting includes a network of different servers acting as one. All these servers are cloud-based and interconnected.

Nowadays, there are a lot of cloud hosting applications on the market, and some of the most common are associated with fields, such as application hosting, web hosting, email, and information sharing. According to reports, in 2019, the revenue from the global cloud computing market reached around $258 billion – which is a massive amount.

The question is – why is cloud hosting gaining popularity? What makes it a good choice for your apps? The answer is simple – the benefits cloud hosting is delivering to the users.

Though there are several reasons to invest in cloud hosting, one primary reason that is encouraging companies to put their money on it is – the ease of access it delivers.

In this post, you will find some reasons why brands must take a look at the cloud for hosting their enterprise apps.


Reduced Costs

The payment structure of cloud hosting is quite flexible compared to other hosting services. By hosting your apps online, businesses can eliminate the need to purchase and optimize expensive hardware. In short, you pay for what you use – you are not liable to pay a fixed amount each month. The three standard payment systems are as follows:

  • Platform as a Service
  • Infrastructure as a Service
  • Software as a Service (SaaS)


Improved Efficiency 

As cloud hosting enables you to access apps on the web, you can complete your tasks from anywhere – no need to be physically available at the workplace. You can say that the term “WFH (Work from Home)” came to the forefront after the occurrence of cloud computing.

Today, employees are more flexible towards completing their job responsibilities as long as they have sustained network connections. They can connect to their workplaces virtually anytime from anywhere.

That means you can expand your team on a global scale – without having to pay for overseas travel fares.


High Scalability

With the growth of your business, the software and applications you’re using require constant up-gradation and changes. Traditional hosting services need you to get all systems upgraded, which includes buying and implementing upgrades. The process of up-gradation can be annoying when you don’t have expertise in the area. This is where cloud hosting can make your job easier.

The cloud hosting is entirely scalable and flexible as your vendor is responsible for taking care of all your upgrades remotely. This helps you in saving your time and focusing on other core business operations.


No Need to Hire Dedicated IT Team

Cloud computing eliminates the need to recruit full-fledged IT staff to look after your work systems. You can complete your daily assignments without paying for infrastructure, software, equipment, and data servers. Also, most cloud computing packages involve software, hardware, system upgrades, updates, and maintenance. That means all your workplace requirements can be completed automatically – no need to employ a dedicated IT team.


Increased Security

Hosting your business data or apps in the cloud means there are several copies of that information over the internet – no impact of accidental erasures and hardware crashes. Also, the sophisticated security measures help you in ensuring that only the people you allow can access the confidential data of your company.


Proper Reliability

Optimizing your server in-person can guarantee that your apps will experience downtime at some point due to broken computers, hard drives, and other problems. Whereas, hosting in the cloud assures that your information is always available when you or the users of your app require it.



Hosting your business apps in the cloud makes sense for all brands today. In fact, this is the most popular option for hosting applications. The benefits mentioned above represent why the demand for cloud hosting is increasing and why you should host your apps on the web.

When it comes to cloud hosting, one name that comes to mind is – QuickBooks. This is cloud-based accounting software that can help small enterprises in streamlining their accounting solutions and controlling expenses.

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